Kayaking in Jervis Bay

March 5, 2007

After our brief stint of Kayaking in Rose Bay, we decided to try our luck on the waters of Jervis Bay.

I had contacted Jervis Bay Kayak Company a couple of weeks earlier and organised for us to go on a half-day kayaking tour. We were initially scheduled to kayak on Saturday but got a call on Friday to let us know that the weather was going to be all doom and gloom and can we postpone our tour until Sunday.

This turned out to be a blessing as disguise as Sunday was sunny and the perfect day for a glorious canoe trip.

So we met the group (there were about 8 other people) at the kayaking centre (which was situated in the Jervis Bay shopping centre), were introduced to our guide and signed indemnity forms. We then climbed into the 4×4 and headed into the nature reserve.

The scenery was magnificent – all clear blue waters, white sands and forestry. We took a while unpacking the vehicle, dragging the kayaks onto the beach (the hard work) and getting some tutoring from our guide.

Kayaking on Jervis Bay
We finally clambered into our kayaks and got onto the water. We got our synchronicity just right and sped along. I was loving it! After about an hour of good paddling we stopped at a patch of beach and munched on yummy carrot cake and fruit. There was even tea and coffee for those who wanted a warm drink. We then for a bit of dip in the water – a tad cold but refreshing.

We then headed back on our kayaks stopping at some torquoise patches of water to spy on some fish. Since we were tucked into our canoe with a canopy, it was possible to do a bit of trick rotating – ie do a 360 degree rotation under the water and then back again. The guide did it a couple of times but none of us decided to try it.

We then reached the beach and had to lug the canoe back into the van…I was barefoot and the tarmac was sizzling – ow!

What a fabulous experience – it was extremely professional with excellent equipment. Definitely well recommended.

We then ended our long weekend with a drive through the picturesque Kangaroo Valley and arrived back in Sydney