QE2, QM2 & Pancakes on the Rocks

March 23, 2007

A little while ago, the QE2 and the Queen Mary2 landed at Circular Quay at the same time. Clearly, we went to oggle the 2 ocean liners – along with 5 trillion other people. Sydney was unprepared for the mass of onlookers (it was the promise of fireworks that probably attracted everyone) and there was traffic gridlock and many furious people.

QE2 in SydneyIt was very special for me to see the QE2 come into the harbour and I was flooded with memories of my trip on the cruise ship with my mom a couple of months ago. It seemed almost a dream that I was actually a guest on this Royal Vessel.

It took us forever to get our food at a nearby restaurant at Circular Quay and we were so hungry, we hardly batted an eyelid at the lovely fireworks.

 Afterwards, we took a stroll towards the Rocks and headed for Pancakes on the Rocks – a famous dessert restaurant. There is always a queue to get into this place but it moved pretty fast and soon we were downstairs seated at a table and drooling over the pictures on the menu.

Emil and Jo with Strawberry PancakeWe all had a variety of delicious pancake variations. I had two plain pancakes (they’re actually more like thick flapjacks) one choccy and one vanilla – soooooo scrumptious.

I will definitely be back.