Chocolate Heaven at Max Brenner: Sydney

February 17, 2007

For chocolate lovers (like me), there’s chocolate heaven in Sydney which goes by the name of Max Brenner. This is a franchise which started in Israel and now has a couple of branches scattered over Sydney – like in Oxford Street, Double Bay and Manly.

Chocolate frenzyEverything about Max Brenner is chocolate – you can even get choccy soup. The speciality here is the sukao which is this egg-shaped ceramic container which holds a small cup filled with milk and is placed over a tea candle.  A bowl of choccy chips come with this and as you add the chips to the milk, the warmth from the candle melts the chocolate to make a very unique hot yummy drink. To top it off, you get a metal spoon with the straw on one end to help you shlurp up this hot choc.

I’ve also tried the decadent chocolate bombe and the absolutely scrumptious waffle which comes with molten Belgium chocolate and strawberries.

It’s not a place on can visit too often but when you do, it’s a real treat. 

Cousins at Max BrennerCousins at Max Brenner