My Birthday Weekend – The Picnic

March 10, 2007

Sunday dawned sunny and warm. Yay – it was time for the birthday celebrations to begin…again. This time, the party was at Nielsen’s Park in Vaucluse. It’s a really lovely venue for a picnic as it has both acres of shadey grasslands as well as a beach (complete with large shark net for “Jaw-less” swimming).

I was at Glicks at the crack of dawn on Sunday to collect a clutch of mini-bagels which then got the full topping treatrment back at my apartment (it was quite fun playing with flavours such as turvey with a sliver of avo and a baby tomato ; cashew nut pesto with cheddar cheese and cottage cheese with chutney).

Richard and Tamara came over and we hauled all the edible loot into the car (there was so much that I had to put the back seat flat). It took us FOREVER to find two parkings – we practically had to assault a women to ensure we secured the space when she left – much to the dismay of another car waiting. But finally we had the cars secured, carried out the goodies and found a spot near the large oaks to settle. Conveniently there was a table nearby where we could set out all the food.

Tam and Me with the Cupcake Cake
The highlight was undoubtedly the cake that Tam and Rich has created – it was made up of my age worth of cupcakes which were iced in pink with marshmallow floral petals and a smartie for the centre of the flower. They laid it out on a foil board and it looked unbelievable. What a cake!!! Every girl should have one.

Lara, Howard, me and the sushi cakeThen there was a scrumptious lemon meringue pie (my “best”!!!) from Cuisine Cakes in Rose Bay – wow, this was one fine cake. There were two quiches, a sushi cake which my clever cousin, Lara and her boyf made – it went down a treat and was devoured in a matter of minutes. All late comers were very disappointed. Taryn and Cam were in charge of the yummy scones and Calli was the star of the banana bread. After asking him the night before to bake me a cake, Ben surprised me with a gigantic chocolate mud cake with “Happy Birthday Lisa” inscribed in icing. Not only did it look amazing but it was scrumptious too.

Mich, Jo, Emil and Me
It was lovely to have my friends and family share the celebration with me. We all just sat on the blankets, ate, chilled, swam and all in all I had a wonderful time. It was my first birthday in Sydney and if all future ones are to be as great, then I’ve got alot to look forward to.

Friends at the PicnicThanks to those who were there and for the most incredible pressies!!!

The cousins
The Nielsens Park Picnic