The journey to Jervis Bay – Kiama & Berry

February 24, 2007

For my first long weekend in Australia (which happened to be the very patriotic Australia Day), I was very keen to go away. I tried to get flights to Byron Bay but these were elevated in price beyond my budget (they were about quadruple their normal price).

So we decided to go a bit more local and head for the New South Wales (NSW) South Coast – and more specifically Jervis Bay. It took a little bit of research to organise accommodation here – I had to familiarise myself with the area plus find accommodation that would accept 2 night bookings (over long weekends, most places were insisting on 3 nights).

I landed up going through the booking agent – Sueanne was extremely helpful and efficient and soon I was booked into a self catering pad for $220 a night in a town called Vincentia.

The Blowhole SignBen and I left for Jervis bay on Friday afternoon. Our first stop was at Kiama, which is the site of the infamous blowhole. I have been hearing about this legendary natural phenomenon from my uncle Jules for ages. When my sister and her hubbie first arrived in Aussie, Jules took them for a daytrip just to see the blowhole. Sadly the blowhole never played the game and they remain sceptics that the blowhole every really blows.

When I told a friendly cabbie that I was going to Kiama and I heard the blowhole never blew, he almost blew up on me. He said that tourists only visit on nice, sunny days and clearly the blowhold is only going erupt when the sea is more tumultuous.

The Blowhole in ActionAnyway, we were lucky and guess what, the blowhole blew and believe me, it was worth the stop. It’s quite incredible to watch with volcano of water shoot from the bowels of the earth. Ben had to literally tear me away to get back onto the road.

Our next stop was in Berry. The main reason for the visit was to stop at the famous Sour Dough Bakery here. We may have been lucky with the blow, but not so with the bread. The bakery was sadly closed. But we did enjoy a relaxed meander through this quaint town (it’s pretty much one road with shops on either side). We munched on large foccacia’s in a nearby deli.

Next stop: Jervis Bay