Our Engagement Celebration

So we’re engaged! Woo Hoo… So what does a girl do when her wonderful boyfriend pops the question? She starts planning of course. The night of our engagement, my mind was whirring with ideas. By the time the sun rose, I had it all planned out šŸ™‚ I think Nathan was quiet bemused by my nocturnal organising.

We wanted a celebration with our family and friends but we were leaving for Thailand two weeks later so that left one weekend and 6 days to plan a party.

The yummy foodAnd so…our engagement party started to take shape. We decided on a champagne high tea and after a tour of the Eastern Suburbs parks, we picked the magnificent McKells Park in Darling Point. It’s a very popular spot for wedding ceremonies and photos and has a lovely view of the harbour. We designed the invites, sent them out, made a menu, ordered the cakes, made the quiches, cooked the fudge and bought the drinks and champagne.

I had been in denial about the weather the entire week. Even when the weather report doomed us to rain, I thought ‘sun sun sun’. The word ‘Rain’ was banned from my vocab. On Sunday, we woke up and I could no longer deny the heavy skies. Nath zipped off to put plan B into place. This consisted of three gazebos which would hopefully keep the food and guests dry.

Our engagement cakeNath, being a proud DIY-savvy Aussie, got to work with the gazebos and I set up the food. We were both in new clothes – me in a brand new white dress and Nathan in smart-casual beige parts and white polo shirt. Literally minutes before everyone arrived, we had it all set up. It was all pretty in pink and colourful.
Cutting the cake
Tamara made us the most fun cake – lavished with smarties and jelly beans and topped with our photo – and to top it all, is was scrumptious.

The food was gobbled down – the sushi and the quiches were especially popular – along with the choccy fudge and the cakes (nut laden tiramsu ; lemon meringue and Bon Vivante).
My family

The whole family
Nath said a lovely heartfelt speech and we had a toast and a champagne cheers.

It was so special to share our happiness with both Nath and my families as well as our close and wonderful friends.
Our mates
It was a day full of warmth and love, despite the rain pelting down. (thank goodness most people had left by then and it was only a few of us who got drenched.

What a memorable day.

More Pics

Umbrella wuth Ben, Mel & Mich
Orit, Nom, Lisa, Nath

Lisa and Daph
Sandi and Lisa


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