The Birthday Weekend – Jonah’s at Palm Beach

March 7, 2007

It was my birthday on 19 February and so began the celebrations.

It started on Saturday morning with an early morning drive out to Palm Beach with Tamara and Richard. It was about an hour’s drive and with Rich’s handy GPS, we got there in easy time.

We made our way to Palm Beach’s exclusive getaway Jonahs Beach House which is tucked away high on a hill overlooking the magnificent beach.

Tamara and Richard at Jonahs in Palm BeachWe were seated at the window with a panoramic view of the gorgeous scenery. It was all solid silver cutlery, white napkins and smartly dressed waiters – very sophisticated.

The difference between Jonah’s and other brekkie places is there was no buffet in sight. Here it was a’ la carte all the way – which was actually better in the long-run as you don’t land up eating yourself into a rotund ball.

There were two sections (let’s say starters and main) and you can choose one dish from each. I had the delicious muesli to start and then the pancakes to follow. Very yum.

The view from JonahsAfter breakfast (I think it was something like $35 each), we took a slow drive back through Palm Beach admiring the beach and then stopped at a small town and bought some bread at an enticing bakery.

What a lovely day.