Sunshine Coast : My Arrival

December 6, 2006

While I’ve theoretically been on holiday in Sydney since mid-October, I’ve been very busy with organising a job/flat/social life etc etc. I also started feeling guilty that it’s not everyday that I’ll have a month work-free and should really take advantage of the the chunk of time and do some travelling.

So I booked a flight to the Sunshine Coast for a couple of days, where I would be spending some time with my Contiki mate Jeff and just chilling out in the sun.

Tam dropped me at the airport at 7:30am and within minutes I had my boarding pass. I had booked my flight through Quantas’s budget airline – Jetstar and let me tell you, I’m pretty impressed. They were extremely efficent with the booking in procedure – they had different queues for different destinations. I spied some poor woman in front of me who was unpacking her bag on the floor to lighten her load and reduce her excess baggage fee. Thank goodness at 17kg, I didn’t get any hassles.

After a sushi brekkie (this place is sushi-lover’s heaven – it’s everywhere)and some Watermelon juice from Boost (I was pretty peeved as it cost $6 and it tasted somewhat off…but my flight was about to board so I had to abandon it), I boarded the plane.

The plane left at 9:20 and landed in Sunshine Coast at 9:50am. What!! Was it only a 30 minute flight? Well, apparently Queensland decided to be a little different from the other states and opted out of daylight saving so only in summer, there’s an hour difference between Sydney and Queensland. So the flight was in actual fact 1 hour and 30 mins (just in case you didn’t work that out already 🙂

When we landed, I looked to the right and there was greenery, I looked to the left and the sea was literally metres away. I immediately felt like I was on holiday.

The Sunshine Coast airport reminded me a bit like East London or PE airports – it was tiny and you walk straight into the arrivals hall which is open to the public and you collect your luggage from here. It was a bit overcast – so much for my impressions of the SUNSHINE coast.

Jeff and Lisa on the Sunshine CoastJeff picked me up and we headed to Marcus Beach, where he lives. I dropped off my stuff and we drove to the famous Noosa. We did a walk around the beach and then for lunch at Harbour Room on the Noosa River. I spotted at least a dozen holiday homes that I would be quite happy to invest in – pity they’re over a million or so.

There is a lovely high street with some quaint shops that I wouldn’t mind exploring for a while. But we were both pretty tired so we went back to Marcus Beach and just relaxed for the rest of the day