Lawn Bowling is Cool

February 17, 2007

A family friend from Israel once told me that he was on his way to being a professional lawn bowler. The guy was 15 years old at the time and all I thought was “what a dweed”. Bowls are for people at least 100 years old.

Well, not anymore. Australia has adopted lawn bowls as the new trendy weekend activity. And why is that? Simple – you can drink as you bowl and we all now that Aussies and alcohol are a perfect match.

For Tamara (my sister’s) Xmas work party, lawn bowls was on the agenda. There were about 10 of us in each team and after getting some drinks we headed to our lane.

The way is works is that someone on the team bowls the small white ball. Then each person takes a turn to bowl a black ball. The team with a black ball closest to the white ball gets a point.

BowlingBut it’s not just the case of point and throw – you have to take into account the wind factor and the spin of the ball.

It turned out to be lots of fun and I even won a couple of rounds. I may have found my new talent.

After thrashing the other team, we enjoyed a traditional barbie (the Aussie word for ‘braai’) – yum!

At lawn bowlsTamara and Lisa at Lawn Bowls