Australian Idols Mania

August 30, 2007

Last year, when I arrived in Australia, I got caught up in Idols Mania. Every Sunday and Monday evening, Tam and Rich were glued to the TV to see whether the hottie Saffa Dean would get through. Tam and I were very keen on Dean-o. Richard, not being dazzled by┬áDean’s gorgeous looks (as I have to admit T and I succumbed to), was voting strongly from Damien – who actually landed up winning.

Now, Idols has started again and I’ve made Nathan a fan. Every Sunday and Monday we’ve been laughing ourselves silly at the hillarious antics of the country-wide auditions. Some of these people have been pretty ridiculous, while there have been hints of talent rainbowing through.

We’re now onto the shaping of the final 24 into the final 12 – it’s nail biting stuff. And to make it even more competitive, Nath and I have introduced a wager.

DanielIf Daniel (the gorgeously sensitive scarf-loving day soapie star) with a magnificent voice wins, the Nath will take me to the famous Rockpool restaurant (at $150 a head for a 5 course meal).

mattBut if Matt (also a looker – aren’t us women lucky- but younger (he’s only 16) but I guess more teenie bopper posterboy) who also has a great set of vocals, wins, then I will have to take out a bank loan for dinner at Bennelong at the Opera House (it’s something like $110 for high tea so who knows that the damage would be for dinner).

And if neither wins, whosever star goes out first in the competition, has to take the other to a restaurant of their choice (but a little more modest than the winning wager).

I’m a little in shock as on Monday, Daniel didn’t get into the final 12 – while Matt did. I saw my credit card turning green at the thought of making the trip to chef Guillaume’s eatery. But never fear, there’s always the wildcard entry when the judges get to pick someone who wasn’t voted into the audience. I bet Daniel gets in. Actually, one second thoughts, maybe I’ve done enough with the betting. It’s starting to get expensive.

The competition heats up……