The Sunshine Coast – The Croc Hunter Zoo

December 6, 2006

The Eumandi Markets
Today, we hit the markets. We took a drive to Eumandi which has a famous craft market every Wednesday and Saturday mornings. There were a variety of stalls selling an assortment of stuff. I bought two necklaces and a couple of t-shirts. There were also some nice looking food stalls but we had brekkie earlier so we weren’t tempted.

The Australia Zoo
We then drove to Australian Zoo – which is the late Steven Irwin (aka Crocodile Hunter)’s zoo. The entry fee was pretty steep ($46) but I guess that what you pay for one of the top tourist destinations in Queensland. The entire zoo is focussed around Steve, including a long tribute passage (lined with enscribed khaki shirts, flowers, poems and stuffed toys) to the crazy animal lover.

The Crocoseum
We wandered towards the Crocosseum, which can seat 5000 people, and watched the main shows. First there was the snake show, followed by the bird show (with some gorgeous rainbowed Macaws) and finally the croc show – where they fed the crocodile a couple of rats.

Cuddling a Koala
We then took the safari shuttle to the koala enclosure, where we got to pay cute sleepy creatures. Then it was the kangaroo’s turn to be cuddled and finally we went to say hi to the tigers. We also got to feed the elephants and wave to the emu’s.

Lisa with a kangarooOn our way back, we stopped off at Aussie World, which is a bit of a tired funfair. We decided not to brave the rides. We rather had something to eat at the nearby Ettomogah pub.

On the top of Mount Coolum
I needed a bit of exercise so we decided to climb Mount Coolum. It started off pretty steady and then started to get steaper and soon I was mountain climbing with my hands and feet. Getting to the top was worth it for the view. We meandered around on the summit before ambling. Our legs were like jelly when we got back to the ground.

So all in all, a great day of Sunshine Coast touristy spots. We’re planning a relaxing day at the beach tomorrow. Oh, it’s great to be on holiday!