Tea at Kirstenbosch

October 24, 2006

As usual in Cape Town, the day dawned bright and blue-skied in SeaPoint while in the Southern Suburbs, it looked as if a storm was brewing. I looked up at the grey clouds and willed away the rain.

At 2:30 on Saturday, a group of family and friends were meeting me at Kirstenbosch for a farewell tea and it really wouldn’t do to have a picnic in the drizzle. Thank goodness the weather held…and the sun even poked out a couple of times.

I had gone to K-bosch a few weeks earlier to take a series of photo’s to lead my guests to the correct picnic spot…I’m not really sure if anyone actually used the map but everyone seemed to find the right place.

Agyle & Ezra at Farewell Picnic

It really was lovely seeing all my cousins and friends as well as some of my mom’s friends. The younger kids had great fun running around and talking to the Egyptian geese (Kim & Jeremy’s little girl, Megan, was absolutely fearless and was having a great time bonding with a goose…I reckon I would have been petrified at that age).

The tea was tasty. One of the highlights was the gorgeous Koala Bear Cake masterfully crafted by Sheryl. Another yummy highlight was the lemon meringue pie which I had bought from Cafe Magnifico in Canal Walk. It really is divine. I was devastated to have to leave the last few morsels in the fridge when I left for the airport.