Sawadee from Bangkok (hello)

December 23, 2007

Just a quick one from Bangkok – we have had an action packed two days!

Our hotel (Majestic Grande) is magnificent  and very central and we are loving the luxury (and the aircon). It’s hectically humid here – growing up in Durban has helped Lisa to adjust to the weather but Nath is taking a slight strain 🙂

Yesterday, we hit the markets and the shopping malls – the weekend markets were packed and filled with everything from bags to live doggies. The malls were more upmarket than we’ve ever seen – needless to say, with shops like Cartier and Gucci, we could only window shop.

We had lunch in this amazing food hall – we munched on sushi and noodles – so very tasty – must be the fresh ingredients and the “real” wasabi. We then walked around a gourmet food hall and sampled our way through the delish dried fruit.

The highlight for the day for Lisa was finding a supply of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream (half-baked)…yum yum – we have now eaten two half-pint tubs in bed (how decadent can you get!!).

Last night we didn’t feel like eating in the markets so we landed up at Haagen Dasz as a scientific experiment to compare the ice-cream to B&J’s (well, that’s the story we told ourselves 🙂 We munched on a waffle and a brownie with different flavours of ice-cream. And the winner……Ben and Jerry’s (of course).

Oh and another thing – we found a Sizzler in one of the shopping centres. (We resisted going in)

Today we had an awesome day – we had our own private tour guide and driver who took us to the floating markets (so colourful and interesting) and we got to see a railway market (the stalls all set up on the track and have to quickly pack up when a train comes through). The guide also took us through a local food market where we got to sample some local delicacies such as coconut milk balls and mango with sticky rice.

We had lunch at authentic road side Thai cafe – Nath had garlic chicken and rice, I had Pad See Yeiw (noodles and chicken) and our guide had some soupy thing with fish. The three dishes plus three cooldrinks came to the princely sum of 180 Baht – which is about $7. Amazing value for money.

We then toured the opulent temples ( we loved the one of the gynormous gold reclining buddha – also called Wat Po), took a canal ride on a longtail boat and then ended it off with an authentic thai foot massage…so relaxing.

Tonight we’re off to the Bed Restaurant and then we’re leaving for Koh Lanta tomorrow morning. Bye.. and Kub Kum Kam (thankyou).