Bondi’s Sculpture by the Sea

November 15, 2006

Despite threats of hail and thunder-storms, Tamara and I braved beautiful bondi beach for the annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition.

What this is, is an outdoor expo of some really awesome sculptures set within the rocks and sand alongside the promenade which leads from Bondi Beach through to Tamaramma and then eventually ending at Coogee Beach.

Apparently there are throngs of curious visitors (being free obviously is also an attraction) over the weekend so we chose to meander through the art today (Wednesday) after Tam finished work.

There are 108 sculptures created by artists from 15 different countries. Some are more on the modern side (entwined copper wire doo-dabs) and some are plain old plain. For example, one of the so-called sculptures was a line of white strips that formed a trail on the rocks…like the lines in the middle of the road. Tam and I reckoned that on the night before the sculptures were due, the artist still had no idea what he/she was going to create so he just cut up some white sticky paper and glued it to the rocks….oh wow, how avant-garde, how genius….hmmm – NOT!

The talking toilet at Sculpture by the Sea
My favourite was a toilet cubicle which had a satellite dish and a solar panel on top and a recording of a man talking to himself inside – clever.

The melted ice-cream truck
There were also some cool squishy red coral things and my ultimate number one – the top of an ice-cream truck which had “melted” onto the sidewalk. (click on the pics for a better view)

So we got some excercise and culture at the same time. And we beat the storm. Fanatastic!