Four Island Tour on Longtail Boat – Koh Lanta

Since we have spent most of out time at Koh Lanta in the bliss of massage, good food and sun-baking, we decided to venture a little further from our paradise resort.

 Before we left, we had read about Lanta Longtail tours and we decided that this would be a far more authentic way to see the islands than on a noisy speed boat.

Susanna picked us up at 8am and took us to Lanta Old Town – which is pratically untouched by modernity. It’s here that you get a taste for how the islanders live and make a living from fishing or the rubber plantations.

Susanna, a woman originally from the US, told us the story how she originally came to Lanta to teach art six years ago. Now only did she fall in love with the island, but also fell in love with a local fisherman called San (even though who knew how they communicated since neither spoke eachother’s language).

They got married two years ago and now run a very successful Long tail boat tour.

Susanna dropped us off at the pier (she had to go into Krabi) and we clambered on board the large  wooden Longtail boat. We met San – who’s slightly broken english was enough to get us understood and the driver.

We munched on fresh watermelon and water as we headed out into the East side of the island towards Ko Muk.

It took about 1 and a half hours to get here and once we docked, the driver got into the water with us and lead us into the Emerald Cave. It was pitch black inside save for the single beam of light from the driver’s headlamp.

Soon we saw sunlight and we were lead onto a pristine beach surrounded by high cliff. We savoured the serenity until the mass of tourists arrived. We decided to head back to our personal boat (btw your own personal boat is the way to go – much better than sharing it with hoards of others).

We then did some snorkelling at Koh Ngai. After we stopped on the beach for a chicken curry and rice lunch and just sunbaked on the sand and lazed in the tourquoise waters.

After eating, we boated to Koh Ma where we did some more snorkelling – the highlight was that I found Nemo (actually there were two of them).

San then took us around the pinnacle of the island back to the West coast. It was a bit of a long treck – it took us about 2 and a half hours. But the scenery was magnificent plus we got to feed cheeky monkeys watermelon in the mangrove forests/

San dropped us off on the beach directly near our hotel. Now this is the way to travel!


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  1. […] at the pier she had to go into Krabi and we clambered on board the large wooden Longtail boat. … buy Thai Longtail fishing boats for the victims of the Asian …Rebuilding Thailand&aposs […]

  2. Mircea says:

    I imagine, it must have been great !!!
    I am planning the same trip soon …yeeah.. But probably not to end up there .. 🙂

  3. Guneeta says:

    Lisa, this was the latest blog entry from you and here I go.

    Dear Lisa,

    If there’s ever have a contest on being ‘optimistic’, one just might find me hovering somewhere close to the top. For the last few week I’ve been daily entering a competition for a trip to the heart of Europe. There are days when I try to be witty and days when it’s all poetry. I agree, the Parisian bug has certainly go it me, but I have to admit I am guilty of one more crime and ie. Manrish seems to have caught the French bug too.

    To make the long story short, foresighted and lucky to be a teacher- I’m enjoying each moment of my vacation getting deeper and deeper or may be on a higher and higher lplane of optimism- already searching the net for places to see, things to do, at times not do and ‘Simply Be’ in and around Paris. That is how I came across your website-unique-with a sense of humour.

    The big plan is to ceratinly see Mona Lisa Smile, stand tall at the Eiffel Tower, visit the Sienne on one of the nights and do a bit more at the City of lights. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to sneek out to Brussels on a day trip on Eurostar to eat chocolates-you can imagine I’m going to be worried about calories on Dream trip to Chocolate land! Just might get some Ben & Jerry’s as I get off the hop on hop off bus in London.

    The European lists just goes on and on, but one does need to be practical, isn’t it!?

    Lisa as the saying goes there is much more for those to achieve, who are brave enough to go out and seek…….and in my case Dream (ha!)

    Great writing to you.

    Take care and do keep blogging.



  4. Guneeta says:

    Bloggers do excuse me for the 1st paragraph of my 1st ever blog entry-an editor’s nightmare.

  5. Marinkina says:

    Пора переименовать блог, присвоив название связанное с доменами 🙂 может хватит про них?

  6. Cederash says:

    Чтобы ничего не делать, надо это хорошо уметь. Ага? Еще что нибуть по этой теме охото.

  7. Ferinannnd says:

    Спасибо! Буду теперь заходить на этот блог каждый день!

  8. Avertedd says:

    Оценка 5, базару ноль

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